Gowns  on  the  Go

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Bridal services on the go!

Gowns on the Go is a mobile bridal boutique and wedding consultation company.  Every shopping experience with us is customized, and wedding planning with us is a breeze! 

Looking for the perfect gown?  Make your shopping experience fun and unique with our mobile bridal boutique!  THE APPOINTMENT IS NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION, AND OUR GOWNS ARE AFFORDABLE!  You get both personalized service and beautiful, budget-friendly gowns with Gowns on the Go. We load up our beautiful gowns, full-length boutique mirror, and platform to bring the shopping to you!  Just call or email for a free phone consultation to set up your party, invite your friends and family, and let us do the rest.  There is never a charge for our in-home shopping appointments.

If you need wedding planning, just call or email to set up a free initial in-home consultation.  We plan timelines, recommend vendors, help things go smoothly on the day of your wedding, and more! Give yourself peace of mind while we help you plan the perfect wedding day.

We are a LGBT-friendly company, and do not discriminate because of race, religion, gender, orientation, etc.

Let Gowns on the Go help make your special day even more magical! Call or email today!